The World Is A Colorful Place!
The World Is A Colorful Place!
The World Is A Colorful Place!
The World Is A Colorful Place!
The World Is A Colorful Place!

Who Are We?


Lime Lights & Designs provides bold, unique and contemporary LED-based lighting solutions.

We leave the dull, mundane conventional lighting to others. We surprise by combining dynamic drama with design flexibility and energy efficiency. We take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

We are experts in LED lighting.

What Do We Do?


With your input, we'll develop a design plan for lighting and decor.

Then we coordinate the manufacture, delivery and installation of your new products.

By developing lighting design plans and proposing creative product ideas, we help you achieve a unique environment with LED lighting.

Who Are Our Clients?


Our clients include anyone that enjoys bold, creative and colorful lighting products:

  • New business owners
  • Event and party planners
  • Home contractors for remodeling
  • New home and apartment dwellers
  • Existing businesses
  • Loft and studio tenants
  • Places of worship
  • Lighting Ideas:

    • Changing outdoor lighting from halogen to LED can easily save you over $100 per year. Ask for an energy audit with your new LED design plan.

    • Compared to conventional lighting, using LED’s in your pond reduces both algae growth and energy usage.

    • With LED’s, it’s easy to change from full-color to white. Illuminate the outside of your home all year and then change to holiday colors instantly.

    • Consider adding flexible LED ribbon to kitchen baseboards to efficiently and evenly illuminate the floor for less power usage than a typical night light.

    • A single, color-changing LED lamp in a child’s room is enough to ward off anything scary while still using less energy than conventional lighting.

    What Can I Use LED Lighting For?

    • Security Lighting
    • Event Decoration
    • Architectural Interest
    • Retrofit Conventional Lighting
    • Home Theaters
    • Patio & Outdoor
    • Pool & Spa
    • Kid's Rooms
    • Senior Citizens
    • Home Identification
    • Holiday Lighting
    • Party Lighting

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